Three GiftWise screens side by side on a blue background
GiftWise is an app that lets you schedule events ranging from birthdays, anniversaries to festivals, and accordingly make moodboards for future gift ideas.

The Problem
Keeping up with events is difficult, let alone keeping track of gift ideas for those events. Most scheduling applications in the market are very general and there is no way of combining your event schedule and the gifting process associated with it.
Target Audience
GiftWise is targeted towards the younger generation, mainly ages 18-35, essentially streamlining their gifting process. It aids the user in organizing their events for the year and make mood boards over time.
App Colors
GiftWise brand colors (electric blue, yellow and ivory)
GiftWise logo, white on blue background
Working Prototype
Moodboarding your events
GiftWise uses a fun and festive aesthetic to make your gifting process easier. The user can schedule their events in a pictorial or textual format based on their organizational style. A well ordered and efficient system makes it easier to look back on past events as well.
Three 'Sign In' screens of GiftWise
Calendar and Image layouts of the GiftWise app
Adding Images
The user can add three kinds of content to the moodboard section– images, text and voice notes. The image section allows one to upload pictures on the go, as well as add notes with it; the notes being useful for details such as where or when the user had seen the prospective gift.
Three screens showing the details and functionalities of individual events in the app
Voice and Text
The user can upload text entries for ideas that they cannot find images for. Voice notes can be useful when thoughts have to be recorded quickly on the go.
Three screens showing the details of the voice and text functions in the app
Additional Branding
GiftBoard branding and illustrations on a blue notebook with a white pencil on the side
GiftBoard branding and illustrations on a blue and white metal water bottle