Logo and branding on 5BBC on white and red badges
5 Boro Bike Club
The Five Borough Bicycle Club prides itself as being New York's friendliest bicycle club. Whether you are new to cycling, a commuter seeking new adventures, or an avid cyclist, 5BBC has the perfect ride for you. They believe that when you ride with 5BBC, you ride with friends.

Brand Identity
This project was done in collaboration with my classmates, Molane Hu and Yangchen Gruben from Collab: Branding, Brand an NYC Bike Club 2019. The new approach was based on the following mission statement: At 5BBC we know cycling is not just a sport, it's an activity that brings people together. Therefore, we aimed to appeal to our audience on a sentimental and emotional level. By playing with nostalgia, we give the audience a greater sense of belonging, meaning and connection, inspiring them to embrace future experiences.
The logo was designed to be both vintage and contemporary. We chose a font that feels friendly and playful to reflect the spirit of the club, and shortened the name from 5 Borough Bicycle Club to 5 Boro Bike Club.
5BBC logo with a red bike on a white background
Brand Colors
Color palette of 5BBC (red, white and grey)
5BBC branding on red and white business cards
5BBC branding on red and white metal bottles
5BBC branding and illustrations on red and white badges
5BBC poster with a man on a bicycle
Social Media
In an attempt to build their social media presence, Facebook and Instagram were used to highlight the rides that take place in 5BBC. Photographs show how family and friends bond over exploring new places together while riding with the club.
5BBC Facebook and Instagram pages